Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sword of Mind and Body

Yet again, another month has come and gone with only one update. So, in lieu of such sparse information, I will share some random things:

1) I admit I have a mild addiction to Magic: the Gathering cards. I have been trying to cut back however from purchasing them, but it's such a deal to get three packs for $10.70. Still, want to start doing some trading in of cards I don't think I'll ever use for some cards I *may* use; that is if I can ever make the decks I intend to.

2) Over the weekend I played my very first game of "Paranoia XP". For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Paranoia system and universe, it is as if "2001: A Space Odyssey" meets "Tom & Jerry": wacky, violent, and just plain fun.

You basically play a lowly peon who was chosen by the Great and Glorious Friend Computer, to rout out and destroy commie, mutant traitors; but you, yourself, are a commie, mutant traitor. You are also given teammates (other players) who are out to destroy commie, mutant traitors as well (you must kill them before they find out). It was a lot of fun. I was one of the only people who made it to the next security clearance (level), without dying too many times or being accused of treason. Also, in this game you have six clones in case your current character's body meets undue harm, all but two of us went through their "six-pack" of clones.

That's it for now. Tonight is board/card game night at Game Quest (a gaming store here). I think I'll bring Illuminati. Illuminati is a card game where you are one of the great Illuminati that may control the world. As the game progresses your power and influence over organizations grow and you attack and may destroy other Illuminati who are fighting against you. It's fun, but I've never been able to play with other people who as excited to play it as I am. Oh well, hopefully tonight that will change.

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