Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Temporal Mastery

Almost a year has passed since I've last made a post here.  It seems to be a pattern that I ignore this blog for extended periods of time.  I really need to be like my friend Joel and his awesome blog he updates frequently (maybe even attempting his April post a day event).  I'm going to try to make this blog more about gaming as it is pretty geared towards that, the name and all.

Recently I've played in a few Pathfinder games which have all been rather unsuccessful as far as either the game itself or having time to finish.

Carrion Crown Adventure:  Luxalar, and his wife Paxia, lived again in this translvanianesque undead and occult adventure path.  We were able to get through two of the six modules but sadly the DM and the players all ended up with conflicts that once again (we had tried this a year ago for part one of the adventure) caused it to patter out.  Lux and Pax were originally created for the Return to Castle Ravenloft game for DnD 3.5, both were Aasimars with Lux being a cleric and Pax being a paladin.  Woe to any undead/evil things in our paths. 

Rise of the Runelords:  In this game I have a mediocre concept: Andeur a wizard of the illusion variety, but was quickly revamed into a conjuration wizard.  He was a runelord fan boy and tried to emulate what he learned about the runelords (which was very little for the start of the campaign) and try to become a runelord himself. I may not continue in this game if certain problems persist, which I will blog about later.

Rise of the Runelords Part Duex: This game was on a different night and was almost running parallel to my other game. I've had to leave this game for yet more GM problems.  The character concept however I had is one of my favorites that I've come up with in many years.  Pajar, an Oracle of Flame.  I took the "lame" oracle curse but instead of having a bad leg which reduced his movement speed instead he was extremely obese, very large and unable to move as fast as his regular human counterparts.  He was dramatic and friendly, jovial and especially passionate about partying and enjoying life.  I will hopefully be able to revive him in a different game in the future.

Temporal Mastery